EITNL supports ESRI GIS EITNL supports MapGuide Open Source Web GIS

Why Provide Your GIS on the Internet?


Your GIS is available anywhere, any time 24-7, on any computer with an Internet connection.

Your GIS is accessible with any standard and familiar Internet web browser. You require no special hardware of software. There is no new equipment or software to buy and only a minimal learning-curve for your users.

We provide services for computers, tablets and mobile devices like iPhones and Android phones. Mobile GIS access is a great benefit to your field staff.

Your GIS can be open to the public or secured with a login, depending on your requirements.

All webserver hardware and software required for your GIS application delivery is owned, managed and maintained by EITNL at our secure site. You require no IT staff, no dedicated computer webserver systems, and no additional technical resources.

Your GIS users do not need to maintain large, complex datasets on their own computers or on your network. This eliminates GIS data storage and data maintainance head-aches for our clients.

Our single, secure GIS location allows for quick and reliable system updates. A single data update on our GIS webserver is immediately available to all of your users, ensuring that everyone always has the same, up-to-date view of your information.

It's your most trouble-free and cost-effective GIS solution.